About Me

I’ll give some general info about myself but would like to remain anonymous. It doesn’t matter who I am; the wisdom comes from God. The credit goes to Him. I just go by the name: Christian Believer. I am a regular individual; not a pastor or church leader, and not a member of any denomination. I am simply a true believer in the God of the Bible. 


I'm not a high-and-mighty Christian. I'm humble, and a sinner like the rest; saved by the Grace of God. The contents of this website are Bible references, plus my notes from years of studying the Bible, meditating, and researching online. I am driven by love for God and people; I have this strong drive inside me to share all the new and misunderstood truths I learned. It is verses like this in the Bible that drive me: John 21:15-17.  I want to help Peter feed Jesus' sheep, with good food not the misinterpreted food out there today. 

I don't have all the answers, but what I do have I share in this website. Our God is not a simple God that can be figured-out easily. We can spend eternity seeking and learning about Him, and only barely scratch the surface. So many things in the Bible are still not answered or clarified. I know that God will clarify them at the right time, but for us right now, we just keep seeking Him as Jesus instructed. And that's what I'm doing. 

It was only recently when God revealed to me the true meaning of the “daily Bread” in the Lord’s Prayer. Since that time I’ve been reciting it daily. And since then I strongly sense God’s presence with us. I teach my family, and we all say it daily. Then I searched the internet for any person, church, or denomination that interprets the "bread" as the Bread of life, the body of Jesus. And none did. I even emailed some supposedly renowned churches like Charles Stanley's ministry and Tony Evans, and also checked with devout Catholic friends. The response from all was "it means give us our earthly needs for today." The most essential part of God's redemption plan, The Lord's Prayer Is Misunderstood!!!

When I started, I was studying the Bible by reading it, but recently I also started using a Bible app that provided audio options. This helped me optimize my time; I now listen to it always, including when driving. I’ve gone through the entire Bible at least 60 times. I study it from Genesis to Revelations, then start over, continuously. Not looking to memorize it, but rather study carefully and meditate-on / research the parts that are difficult to understand. By doing this, things remain fresh in my mind, and I can connect different parts from the Bible and see things more clearly.

I know, my writing style is not perfect. I tend to write spoken English rather than grammatically correct. And I'm not much on finessing with words; I tend to be blunt. But my passion for the Lord is my driver, and it gets in overdrive sometimes. I think I'm actually going by the book on this one :).  Matthew 5:37: "But let your ‘yes’ mean ‘yes,’ and your ‘no’ mean ‘no.’ Anything more than this is from the evil one."  All new truths and corrected interpretations I find, I bring to this website, no matter how harsh the message is. 

I used to attend church and donate like the rest. Attended various denominations to learn more. They all have some good teaching, but they're also all deficient in many crucial parts, as I detail in the Time to Leave the Denominations section. I recently stopped attending Church, and instead dedicated all my spiritual time to studying the Bible, and developing this website.

I am not seeking credit or financial gains for myself. I don't expect many to like all the contents of this website; mostly denominational brain-washing and indoctrinating-related. But all my contents are true Biblical truths, uninfluenced by any denominations. And only genuine believers, truly seeking God, will see them clearly. This website belongs to God. He will bring the right people here. Remember "the narrow gate and the wide gate"; those who will see this website clearly, are not many.