Time to Leave the Churches

Summary: Comparing churches' doctrines and teachings to the Bible, I find all churches are severely deficient, producing spiritually-dead people. My only bias is towards God. My wisdom comes from God, not from earthly organizations or church denominations.

Obviously no church leaders today are true believers; none are filled with the Holy Spirit. Yes, a bold claim; how dare I say this? Here's why:

Mark 16:17-18

Jesus said: "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In My name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up snakes with their hands, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not harm them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will be made well.”

John 14:12-14

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

If the pope or the most devout protestant church leader walk into a hospital, can they heal anybody? No. Can they put their hand on a child in wheelchair and make her walk? No. And yet they are the top decision-makers on doctrines, theology, and what to teach people!! And people are still in churches listening to their inefficient teaching and false doctrines!

Comparison of Christian Leaders' Accomplishments, Then and Now

Disciples & Apostles' accomplishments, then:

  • Preached the Word correctly? Yes

  • Laid their hands on sick people and healed them? Yes

  • Laid their hands on crippled people and made them walk? Yes

  • Brought dead people back to life?! (Peter and Paul did!) Yes

  • Paul accidentally picked up a venomous snake and it did not harm him.

  • Number of changes in God's realm: 0 - As it should be!

  • Having dedicated every moment of their lives to this, they were poor and homeless, with barely enough to eat. 💝

Christian leaders' accomplishments, since then:

  • Preached the Word correctly? No

    • Protestants brain-washed people into doing nothing, and just keep saying these words: born-again, saved by the blood, saved by Grace.

    • Catholics brain-washed their people into praying to Mary and saints to intercede with God. 

    • Calvinists brain-washed their people into "God already decided; it's all His will". Anything else is "works", "devil doctrines".

  • And the resulting number of miracles performed in the name of Jesus: 0

  • Number of dead people brought back to life: 0

  • Number of changes in God's realm: 2 - Horrible & blasphemous

    • The Pope seated Mary next to God in heaven as God's mother.

    • The Pope created a mini-Hell (aka, Purgatory) to process certain type sins after death and provide a path to heaven, that Jesus didn't/couldn't provide.

  • Any church leaders homeless or hungry? No, they improved some on that.

    • Protestants stressed the need to tithe 10% - Church leaders are Millionaires with private jets.

    • Catholic churches collected donations and sent to the Vatican. The Vatican's worth is in $trillions. It's an organized spiritual mafia.


Do you know who makes it to the top positions in the Vatican and protestant churches? It's usually those who are worldly aggressive stepping all over others, and business shrewd that can grow the church financially, which often equals to un-Godly! 

if you are truly seeking God and His kingdom, then leave all churches, and don't look back! Whether you like it or not, it's fast becoming the way of the future. Recognizing the fiasco and for lack of convincing answers to their good questions, young generations are losing interest and leaving in droves, to become atheist 😢. If your children became atheist after graduating college, I have the perfect link for you: Atheism.

And here is my link on alternatives to going to church, with complete details on how-to, and the consequences: Read the Bible & Research Online

I am a simple "Christian believer", not belonging to any church denomination. My only bias is towards God, no hidden motives. The Christian body of today is spiritually crippled, because it is formed of many contradicting denominations, and many are not “seeking God”; they're mostly businesses and social settings that people enjoy being at. But seeking of God is nowhere to be found!

God never intended for us to have all these contradicting denominations, but rather one Christian body of believers. What is God's view on all this? Here's what the Bible says:

Matthew 18:20 

Jesus said: "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."

Matthew 16:18

"And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

Notes: For Jesus, the "church" is the Christian body of genuine believers, to be led by someone like Peter filled with the Holy Spirit.  Who said that meant the Catholic church? The Catholic church leaders are filled with everything except the Holy Spirit; they hijacked Christianity!

The 2 or 3 gathering in His name would be one example of that church. If the 2 or 3 are gathered truly in His name, then God would not mislead them or give each group of 2 or 3 different interpretations of the scriptures. So only one explanation, leaders in church-denominations are not truly filled with the Holy Spirit. This is why people need to be on their guard, and not blindly follow their church. It is our eternity we're talking about; are you willing to take a chance with earthly loyalties? There is no "oops" later; no changing your mind after death!

Most people in church-denominations behave as in a war - "us and them", rather than acting like the Godly people they claim to be, loving one another, and truly seeking God! 

Protestants, Catholics, and Calvinists went far apart in their interpretations. Protestants don't do what Catholics do, and vv.. Is this Godly? They each have some good interpretations and some not so good. But each denomination's members are loyal to their church as if they got everything 100% right (sort of like Republicans and Democrats). 

The Deficiencies in Church-Denominations

Trying to be fair here, and listing some good for each. But mainly focusing on the deficiencies.

Protestants (incl. Baptists, Evangelical, etc.)

Good preaching from the Bible, but crucial truths are missing, examples:

  • Saved, nothing else to do - The bible is full of verses and parables about spiritual maturity, but all ignored by protestant churches! Why? To please people with the "do nothing" message. They stick to the high-level verses in the Bible, please the people, and collect donations. See my page on Born Again? for more shocking truths.

  • Impossible to become unsaved - Protestants spend whole sermons on "once saved always saved", ignoring the many parables from Jesus about becoming rejected and sent to hell if you're not growing spiritually. Examples, John 15:6 "branches that wither and die", Luke 13:6 "cut the fig tree down", and Matthew 25:30 "cast the worthless servant into the outer darkness". See my page on Born Again? for more shocking truths.

  • Refuse to pray the Lord's Prayer- They utterly refuse to pray it in their sermons, and never encourage their members to pray it daily as Jesus commanded. Why? 3 reasons: (1) Their arrogant theologians decided Jesus meant it only for His Jewish disciples. They connected it to the manna from Moses, or some worthless explanation like that. They decided, and that's their final answer - But you stopped seeking God! Go back and look!! You messed up big on this one!!! (2) Because Catholics pray this prayer! And (3) because it's a burden to have to pray it daily; contradicting to their "do nothing" message. You're not covered by the blood, nor saved by grace; you're spiritually dead, unless you pray the Lod's Prayer daily - we need the Bread of life daily. See my page on The Lord's Prayer is Severely Misunderstood for eye-opening Bible references.

  • Must tithe the whole 10% - Protestants would spend a whole sermon on the subject of tithing; digging up verses all the way back from Leviticus and making sure that people tithe the full 10% of their income, not 9% or 8% because "they'd be stealing from God." But the Lord's Prayer? "Jesus meant that for the Jews." When in fact tithing was the one meant only for the Jews, for their 11 to 1 tribes' ratio! Tithing was later modified by Paul in the New Testament to: "Any gift is good" Philippians 4:14-17. See section below on Still Tithing 10%?  

  • Solely going by Paul's message as the one for the gentiles, but Protestants have missed the mark by a mile. Most brush off discrepancies between Jesus' message and Paul's as something like: "Jesus meant that for the Jews; Paul's message was for the gentiles who became Christians later..."  This is so dangerous on so many levels, disrespectful to God, and causing spiritual-death to so many people! Those churches missed the following scripture from Jesus after His resurrection talking to His Jewish disciples:

Matthew 28:17-20

... Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Notes: "...go to all nations... and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you." That is "teach all nations everything Jesus commanded His Jewish disciples". Any church who preaches otherwise, makes it no different than the Pharisees who crucified Jesus despite knowing He was the Messiah. All of Jesus teachings are for all people, not just the Jews. And Paul's teachings are a supplement to Jesus'. Any discrepancy between Paul's and Jesus' messages was because Paul's were high-level because the 4 books of the New Testament were not written yet! See my page on Jesus for Jews & Paul for Gentiles?

  • Giant Screens & Loud Music, But No Seeking of God - The focus shifted to big screens, loud music, and waving of hands. When instead it should be on seeking God and His kingdom. Even if we spend every moment of our lives seeking God in the scriptures, we'd barely scratch the surface. But churches went off with what pleases people!! And the sermon preaching is always yearly-rotating the same simple, safe, and unoffending subjects. No preaching on Jesus parables that contradict their theology!! Nor on "politically incorrect" subjects of today's culture; careful not to upset people and lose donations.

  • Immoral scandals - Like other denominations, lacking sound teaching, and not filled with the Holy Spirit, many Protestant church leaders are often in the news with some form of a public immorality. Here's today's.

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Catholic Church (including Greek Orthodox)

They got the Nicene Creed right. They do pray the Lord's Prayer in their sermons. And the Eucharist is good, as a symbolic re-enactment of the last supper. 

Other than these, everything else they do is problematic! And even blasphemous!! The Catholic church and their side-kick the Orthodox church teachings, for hundreds of years, have been mostly unbiblical:

  • Little to no spiritual growing - The Catholic church is still running with their antiquated plan since the 3rd century: The church (its priests), supposedly study the Bible, then turn around and teach it to the people who are illiterate and can't read or understand the difficulty of the Bible for themselves." Maybe this was acceptable in 300AD, but now in 2022, I think we can do it ourselves and don't need bishops anymore. We have no excuse not to, except laziness. 


  • Minimum Bible reading in sermons - The usual Catholic sermon Bible reading time is nice stories from the new-testament. Followed by a message from the priest about "let's all be good and nice".

  • The Lord's Prayer not interpreted right - The Catholic church would not acknowledge "the Bread" = "the Bread of life". Obviously, because it makes it a DIY version of their Eucharist. Which would belittle their bishops' and priests' roles - if people can receive the Bread of life at home by directly talking to God, then they won't come to church and donate! Is the Catholic church thinking from God's perspective here? Or their financial perspective? see my page on The Lord's Prayer is Severely Misunderstood.

  • Purgatory is a result of misunderstanding some verses in the Bible: 1 John‬ ‭5:16-17‬ and ‭‭Mark‬ ‭3:28-30‬. They took these 2 references and extrapolated a whole doctrine; they called it "Purgatory" which is a kind of a mini-hell. All because Jesus used the term "will not be forgiven in the next age". But there is a good explanation of this in my page here: Purgatory?

  • Mary the mother of God?! as in higher level than God?! And can influence His decision like she did in the "Wedding at Cana"?! The ascension of Mary into heaven became Catholic doctrine in 1950, officially declared by Pope Pius XII. Continued, with eye-opening Bible references, here: Mary The Mother Of God?

  • The Vatican - A hierarchy of people with glittery costumes and props - They're more concerned with levels and appearances than with substance, in-line with Jewish temples and Pharisees. ... instead of spending their time on seeking God in the scriptures to revisit their ungodly doctrines and see if just in case, ... just in case they messed up! But no, like the rest of churches, they created their niche and cookie-cutters, and are marching forward.

  • Wrong people in charge - The pope is constantly in the news making some political statements, announcing "sweeping reforms" (to please the people of course), and taking the church further away from God. These people at the Vatican since the 4th century cannot possibly be the ones that Jesus meant to hand the church to. It was true in the early church days when He handed it to Peter who witnessed His miracles, and was truly filled with the Holy Spirit. But it's been going downhill since, as human nature takes over. 

  • Pray to saints - So many Catholic people are also praying to a variety of humans they call "saints". Some get on their knees before the statue of so and so, and others lay face down at the feet of another. The Catholic church may claim this is not their teaching. Well the church must be doing something wrong; and certainly not doing anything to stop it. The church is careful not to upset people (where donations come from), but is ok with upsetting God!

  • Sex abuse scandals - The Catholic church over the years has been riddled with sex abuse scandals, almost daily stories in the news, here's today's. Catholics are quick to defend it as just news propaganda against the church. Well then what about this? The pope apologized in the news for the sex scandals here.

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"Watch out and be on your guard for the yeast of the" Calvinists. So I reused Jesus' words here (as in Matthew 16:6). I'm sure Jesus won't mind.

Giving a quick summary on this subject for those who don't know. Christianity today can be sliced in many different ways in terms of Bible interpretation, one example is the different church-denominations out there. But at a higher layer, there is a fork-in-the-road disagreement on one subject:

1. Calvinist View: We don't have a free-will choice. God elects who He wants to save based on His mysterious reasons. And therefore the blood of Jesus is only extended to those God already elected, not the whole population on earth.

2. Arminian View: We are given the choice to accept God's grace - accepting forgiveness of our sins through the blood of Jesus His Son.

  • Calvinists Doctrine Summary: Based on some verses in the Bible that contain these words "Elect" and "Predestined for His pleasure" and a few other verses that allude to them, the Calvinist church built a whole doctrine around that, ignoring the rest of the thousands of verses in the Bible that say otherwise, and preaching that God is the one who "elects" us based on His mysterious reasons. The Calvinist doctrine states that we have no say in it, no matter what we do. Which makes us mere robots; and which is the complete opposite of what the God we know, would do! The Calvinist doctrine, being human-limited-thinking at its best, cannot see that God is not in our space-time continuum. God is "I Am"; He foresaw us before creation. Romans 8:29 "For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son". God foreknew our tendencies first, then destined second! I am very sad for the people following the Calvinist church. They are so misled.
    The line that separates Calvinists from Arminians is "free will". Calvinists say we don't have free will; God decides everything. Arminians say we have free will, and we decide to accept God's Grace or not. 

  • God already decided for His mysterious reasons - Calvinists are even worse than the regular Protestants, in the "do nothing" message. They take it a step further to tell their members that no matter what they do, God already decided who will be saved and who won't. Calvinists don't encourage reading the Bible either. They do however encourage to read some books from famous Calvinist leaders!


  • God's election decision is Unconditional - They ignored the many contradicting Bible statements from Jesus/God saying things like, "if you love me, I will love you back..." and "if you obey my commands, you will be my people..." But they painted themselves in a corner; Unconditional is the only way the Calvinist doctrine can hold. If God's predestination was conditional, their whole doctrine would crumble.


  • Scripture meaning manipulated - They also try to put words in the scripture's mouth; make it seem that "the Bible did not really intend to say 'that', but rather it meant to tell us 'this'..."  For example they teach: "any biblical reference to 'the whole world' actually means 'the whole world of the Elect', not the actual whole world." I can understand human incompetency can lead to misinterpretations, but this? I don't see how their church members can swallow it!  And sometimes the meaning is manipulated to accommodate certain psychological human behavior...You get the picture. They're in the same league with Mormons, Jehovah's witnesses, etc..

  • Violent Internet Forums - I see thousands of violent internet forums and debates raging on between "Calvinists" and "Arminians". So much time and effort wasted. People treating this like a sports game; who will win? When instead, we should all be Christians, and direct our efforts to seeking God. But the competitive-sports-minded people, which we have ample supply of in this country, chose to run with it for the win. 

A Calvinist saw my post on one of the forums about the Lord's Prayer. He replied "I see you so arrogantly state this. What makes you think that God would change His plan because of your praying?" Whether the Calvinist church taught him this or not is irrelevant. The problem is, this is what their people think!!!

And in a separate forum a Calvinist was mistaken for an Arminian. He replied: "heavens I am no Arminian. the doctrine of human freewill is Satan's no.1 deception in my mind and the mainspring from which flows salvation by works and conditional salvation [probation] oh no no I am not an Arminian." I'm guessing this person left the Catholic church and became Calvinist, because of this: "conditional salvation probation", which is purgatory.

My thoughts: Wow! These people are possessed! Does "free will" automatically mean salvation by works? What are they indoctrinating them in those Calvinist churches? Are Arminians basing their salvation on "works"? Is declaring to accept God's grace "works"? Reading the Bible and praying is "works"? Actually the Calvinists calling Arminians devil-deceived is very similar to when the Pharisees kept telling Jesus He was demon-possessed: John 8:48, The Jews answered him, “Aren’t we right in saying that you are a Samaritan and demon-possessed?

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Calling All Christians

Calling all Christians who genuinely care. Churches made a mockery of God's word!! Do you know what all this means? A partially good church is not good at all!! Preaching partial truth means people are lost; not saved! They are producing spiritually dead people!! They perverted God's word and made a mockery of it! millions of innocent people are spiritually lost. Which is fulfilling Jesus' "wide gate" verse in Matthew 7:13-14.

If you believe your church is great and want to stay with them, show them this page. Let them know they need to revisit their teaching to make it in-line with the Bible! Have them forward it to their theologians, Vatican, and seminary colleges. Or simply separate from them.

If by miracle of God churches agreed to change, here's the biblical way


  • The Lord's Prayer prayed daily with the "bread" = "Bread of life" for forgiveness. Then you become saved! First meet God's requirement, then do your other fluff.

  • Mature spiritually by seeking God in the Bible - Your sermon needs to change from 90% hymns/other, 10% Bible reading, to 90% Bible reading, 10% hymns / other. Sure you'll lose people, but you'll gain God. The ones that leave are in it for the social and entertainment aspect of it, not Godly people.

  • Downsize your seminary colleges, get rid of your theology professors. They're not Godly; how could they have missed all these truths!!

  • No more pushing for 10% tithing! Any gift is good as the apostle Paul said. Get rid of your Business Development people. THIS IS A HOUSE OF GOD!!


  • The Lord's Prayer prayed daily with the "bread" = "Bread of life" for forgiveness. And stop praying the rosary!!

  • Mature spiritually by seeking God in the Bible - Your sermon needs to change from 1% Bible reading, 99% repetitive stuff stand-up sit-down incense, to 90% Bible reading,10% other stuff. Sure you'll lose people, but you'll gain God. The ones that leave are in it for the tradition's aspect of it, not Godly people.

  •  The pope  should reverse all unbiblical doctrines, starting with "Mary the mother of God" and "Purgatory"! And stop the unbiblical "canonization of saints"! All true believers who pray the Lord's Prayer daily are righteous in the eyes of God and are called saints. Abolish the process and follow this list.


  • The Lord's Prayer prayed daily with the "bread" = "Bread of life" for forgiveness. Then you become predestined! 

  • Mature spiritually by seeking God in the Bible because if not you can become un-predestined!  "pre" and "post" are for humans - God is outside of time; He sees it all always!

  • Ignore your "respected Calvinist book authors"! READ ONLY THE BIBLE!!

  • TULIP? We can't make a "cookie-cutter" out of God's scripture! We have to keep seeking God, learning, and maturing.

Churches Are Businesses

  They call themselves non-profit, but in reality they're high-profit. It is acceptable to collect tithes and donations from the people, but only when teaching sound doctrines from the Bible. Not when misleading them!

John 21:17

Jesus asked a third time, “Simon son of John, do you love Me?” ...Yes, Lord,” he answered, “You know I love You.” Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep.” 

But churches are not feeding the sheep with proper truths. And still charging them tithes and donations. 

Shortly after the disciples and Paul's generation died off, churches' spiritual quality went downhill. Not surprising; they even went downhill in-between Paul's visits to those churches in his days: Galatians 1:6, I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you to live in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel.

The real objective of churches is money, not God, as evident in these public facts:

  • Seminary college graduates find high-paying jobs at churches.

  • Bankers estimate the Vatican's wealth between $10 billion and $15 billion and some think it's $ trillions.

  • Catholic churches around the world send money to the Vatican! It's an organized spiritual mafia. Sure the Vatican has charity programs, but bankers estimate those to be "a drop in the bucket" compared to the church's wealth. Btw, if you check public records, you'll find that the Vatican's wealth doubled shortly after their 1950 official announcement of Mary's ascension to heaven! It's a business - please the people and collect more donations.

  • Catholic church doctrines keep changing according to what people like to hear, instead of truly seeking God.

  • Nobody is Seeking God! How else can we explain why no one is truly filled with the Holy Spirit anymore? You ask, "how do you know no one is?" where are the miracles? Truly filled with the Holy Spirit = miracles, as in the days of Paul and the disciples.  Here's the reason why: Many church leaders today are millionaires. This is usually the objective of theology graduates. 


It's time for people to be vigilant about their spiritual status and their eternity. And not rely on churches. There is no oops later. When facing God at judgement, claiming it's the church's fault will not fly. The Bible is full of verses that point to personal responsibility to mature spiritually, or face spiritual death, which leads to hell. We need to learn the truth and grow spiritually. How do we do that:

- Seek God by reading the Bible (or hearing), as Jesus instructed in the Sermon on the Mount.

- Seek His Righteousness by praying the Lord’s Prayer daily as Jesus instructed. And meaning it correctly: the daily Bread is the body of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. Why daily? Because Jesus said so in the prayer. And, you don’t have to chew on actual bread like some churches advise. You can spiritually receive God’s Bread of life by genuinely saying the Lord's Prayer. 

Do you know this verse from Jesus? Luke 9:60 “Leave the dead to bury their own dead. But as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” And along those lines I say, let the dead attend church with the dead. But as for you, genuine Christian believer, leave the churches and seek the kingdom of God by studying the scriptures with your family and friends, without letting the church poison your knowledge. See my page on what to do instead here: Read the Bible & Research OnlineI assure you God will be with you and will guide you.

Still tithing 10%?

Should be more like 0.01% today. The 10% tithing was advised by God in the days of Moses when it was an 11 to 1 ratio of tribes. Of the 12 tribes of Israel, one tribe, the Levites was the priestly tribe who did not get a land inheritance and instead was given 10% of goods from the other 11 tribes.


This was because the Levites had a tough job to execute hundreds of requirements in the temple of God daily, and had no time to work the land, God advised the other 11 tribes to give a tenth of their produce to the Levite tribe. Today's church, in comparison does nothing, except preach on Sunday what their predecessors preached. And is still pressing their members to tithe the full 10%. Also in comparison, the ratio of people-to-church-ministers today is more like 1,000 to 1, vs., the Jews was 11 to 1.


So a more fair tithing number today would be 0.01% of income, and this is more than enough for the inefficient preaching they do. Donate the rest of the 10% to charity.

Closing Notes

This new reality of how to be real Christian believers may seem strange to you at first. This is because churches have brainwashed us into thinking differently for years. Today's Churches teach what previous generations of ministers taught. Not many study the Bible to seek God for themselves. "Why re-invent the wheel" is the general view. But I urge you to keep looking at these Bible references on this website and studying them. You'll see it clearly.

Request from your church to preach the biblical truths revealed in this website, correctly. Be loyal to God, not to your church, to your favorite preacher, to your denomination, or to your ancestors. 

The contents of this section are from the Scripture. If everyone can see the Scripture clearly, the only winner out of this section would be God. I did not provide any personal information about myself; no one knows who I am, I am not selling any books. This is my private website; I don't take credit for any of this, and I don't benefit financially. Everything here is from God, from the Scripture. I am driven purely by love for God, and for all people. And the sooner everybody sees clearly, the happier God is, and the more peace on earth. 

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Old English:

Please stop "old English". It is NOT the language of the Bible; it's a tradition. Aramaic, Hebrew, and Greek were the original languages of the Bible. Why are there churches today still teaching in "old English"? This is how you get the young generations who speak plain English to completely miss the message, and become uninterested. It is about getting the meaning of the scriptures to the people. Not about fake traditions and formalities. Older people can use old-English with each-other, that's fine. But careful with young generations. Many are misunderstanding the message, and fleeing Christianity altogether.