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On this page I provide alternatives to going to church. I also explain why there should be no concerns about consequences. Keep your focus on the main objective: Jesus' command to seek God and His righteousness, which is not accomplished by going to church.

  • Gather with your Family and Friends on Sundays

  • Concerned about the consequences of leaving the church?

  • Guidelines on How to Read the Bible

  • Guidelines for Researching on the Internet

  • Guidelines to Bible Mobile-Apps and Versions

  • Are You Still Tithing 10%?

  • Many Christians have no interest in reading the Bible; they just go to church and that's sufficient!

  • Of Course Church Ministers & Theology Professors Don't Want You to Do This!

Gather with your Family and Friends on Sundays

If you need the social interaction and fellowshipping with others when seeking God, gather with friends and family at any home or venue. Use some of the money that would have been church tithing to fund any venue for your group. Example, a meeting/banquet room in a hotel, or if good weather outdoor setting, etc.. Some or all of you may even be remotely connected via Zoom or Teams, inline with today's young generation's fascination with social media. If you're genuinely interested in seeking God by reading His scripture, this is all you need to do.


Every Sunday, pick a part in the Bible and study together, exchanging opinions on the meanings and looking up difficult verses online, etc.. This is exactly what I do with my family every Sunday, and some of my adult children join in remotely from other states. We use a Bible app with audio, as explained in the Guidelines section below. You can also add your own hymn singing or Christian music. If starting new with this, I recommend staying with the New Testament at first until reaching a level of spiritual maturity, then start including the old testament. Also use this website as a guide. And remember that God will be with you and will guide you through! Then you will not have to be concerned about false doctrines or inefficient teaching from the church poisoning your knowledge of God.

Remember to keep the main objective in mind. What is the main objective? It is to truly grow in the knowledge of God, mature spiritually, receive His blessings here on earth, and spend eternity with Him. Everything else you previously did on Sundays, fades in comparison!

Do You Have Loved-Ones That Became Atheist?

Young generations have already started losing interest in churches. Social media and peer influence is luring them in droves to atheism. If you have loved ones who became atheist, I have a must see link for you that answers the most difficult atheist questions, and is filled with convincing information in a new never before seen perspective: Atheism. It is the only way to get them interested again. This, combined with your new attitude about true Christianity and churches, and starting to gather with family and friends as described above, is the best way to get them back on the right path with God. I have done something similar in my environment, and it was widely received positively; it is the way of the future.

Concerned about the consequences of leaving the church?

Here's my view on these concerns:

  • Thousands of years of church debates on Christian subjects become thrown out? - They were already worthless and invalid, because the people debating them were not filled with the Holy Spirit, for the reasons noted in my page Time to Leave the Churches. So really these debates were nothing more than social / political activities; nothing spiritual about them. 

  • Where will we go to do our christenings, weddings, and first-communions? Any venue; doesn't have to be a church. And have someone from the family read a few related paragraphs from the Bible. Then celebrate. This is all you need to do from a Biblical perspective. No need for any ordained people. Who ordained them? Certainly not God. Read my page on Time to Leave the Churches. And you don't need first communions. It was invented by the Catholic church. You can start teaching your kids to pray the Lord's Prayer, and mean it correctly, at an early age. You can use that to celebrate with family and friends instead of first communion. I understand this will be a major change for people, socially. We can be creative with these. Anyone in the family can read from the Bible during any of these events. And you can do your own creative setup for each. I assure you God will be among you and will accept it. “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:19–20.

  • Catholic confessions? Not needed. It is unbiblical; it was invented by the Catholic / Orthodox churches. God did not say to confess to a priest. The Bible says confess your sins to God in your heart, and pray the Lord's Prayer for forgiveness. A priest giving you a penalty for your sins to pray many times, is against the Bible teaching. The Bible specifically says not to keep repeating the same prayer, here: Matthew 6:7-8.

  • Where will we go for our funerals? Any Funeral Home. Then one of you will read some verses from the Bible. Trust me, priests and ministers are not adding anything to where your loved one is going after death. See my page on What Happens to Us When We Die?

  • Young generations are already leaving in droves to become atheists! Have you checked the news lately? Take a look at recent statistics. We're losing the young generations, because athiesm is so appealing and all their friends are doing it. If you're concerned about giving up your current tradition of going to church on Sundays, it is already on its way out. In some number of years this generation will die off and the new generation becomes it. Let's think forward for them and for God!

  • What becomes our position on controversial subjects? Do you really need to have a position defined? Just keep genuinely seeking God, and He'll reveal things to you in His time.

  • Is Baptism required? Not required for salvation, but is a good symbolic declaration of belief in public. So, is it sufficient to be baptized at childhood, Christening? Or also need to at adulthood when one makes one's own decision? It's really your call. Not required for salvation; it's an act of obedience. It would be far more beneficial to spend time understanding the true meaning of the Lord's Prayer than wasting time on debating the Baptism subject. If you want to be baptism-obedient, young or old, you can gather with your group and do your own reading from the Bible as explained in this list above.

  • What is our position on abortion? God is against abortion because He entrusted the woman to carry another human in her womb, and not kill it. So we are against abortion too. This is not to be mistaken with endorsing a particular political party. Because if you look close at the details of political parties, the water is muddied on both sides. 

Focus more on God, and less on worldly foolishness. God will bless you beyond your imaginations. Did you know these Bible verses even existed? Is any church teaching them?

James 4:4

You unfaithful people! Don’t you know that friendship with the world means hostility toward God? So whoever wants to be the world's friend becomes God's enemy.

Romans 12:2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. 

Hosea 6:6

I don’t want your sacrifices—I want your love; I don’t want your offerings—I want you to know me.

Guidelines on How to Read the Bible

Coming soon.

Guidelines for Researching on the Internet

If you're wholeheartedly seeking God in the scriptures, He will guide you to the right places and away from the wrong places. Obviously it is important to recognize the fluff and the nasty material on the internet, and veer away from. So there is a ramping up in how-to knowledge if you're not internet savvy already. Then after weeding out the bad stuff, you still have the job of weeding out those websites that appear good but in reality they have an agenda they're trying to push. You know, the usual kind trying to drum-up their denomination beliefs, not the Bible's. Pray that God gives you wisdom to discern internet sources and make the right choice.


Having gone through that, I've come to trust a couple of respectable websites that seem to do a good job translating tough scriptures. One of them is (caution: like all other good Bible websites, they too failed miserably at the explanation of the Lord's Prayer). You can search their site for specific biblical questions. But none gave a good explanation of the Lord's Prayer and the need to mature spiritually. Even the best sources on the internet and the best churches out there have missed these important biblical truths altogether.

Stay Away From Online "Christian Forums"

Stay away from the so called "Christian Forums". I have experienced a bunch of them first-hand. They are money generating schemes. They prey on the vulnerable Christian, who is usually in some kind of a pain. They entice people to donate in return for consulting and prayer. Which is the usual inefficient answers and teaching of the churches. They are controlled by the usual variety of denominations and their beliefs. And each will try to guide you into their church agenda.


Most of these websites focus on generating revenues in a variety of ways (registration fees, fees for using the texting feature, donations, selling gold coins with the head of a certain president, etc.), including from ads of inappropriate products - example selling bathing suits, showing pictures of half-naked women etc.. They'll generate profits any which way they can. They're businesses. If Jesus was here he would walk in on them and call them a "...den of thieves, and overturn their tables".


Stick to the Bible, and find some trusted Bible-study websites. God will guide you to the right places.

Guidelines to Bible Mobile-Apps and Versions

There are some nice free Bible apps today that offer audio. You can install one on your smart device. And listen to the Bible, anytime. (Helpful app trick: I set the audio speed to 0.75. It gives me more time to absorb). Available in many versions. My favorite is CSB or NIV. Because (1) it is in plain English so we can easily understand, and (2) the interpretation is good, for example, when the term "righteous in the eyes of God" is used, the wrong interpretation would say something like "did good things in the eyes of God".  But the correct meaning is, "a righteous person" is one who's sins are forgiven, because the requirement for "righteous" is to be perfectly good all their life, which is impossible to achieve. This is why when our sins are forgiven is when we truly achieve that "righteous" status. This is why this particular word meaning is very important not to be misinterpreted by a Bible version. This was one example; there are more like this that can be misinterpreted by a Bible version. We have to be cautious with this; not to be taken lightly. How do we discern things for ourselves? The wisdom comes from God as we mature in the scriptures.

Are You Still Tithing 10%?

Should be more like 0.01% today. The 10% tithing was advised by God in the days of Moses when it was an 11 to 1 ratio of tribes. Of the 12 tribes of Israel, one tribe, the Levites was the priestly tribe who did not get a land inheritance and instead was given 10% of goods from the other 11 tribes. Because the Levites had a tough job to execute hundreds of requirements in the temple of God daily, and had no time to work the land, God advised the other 11 tribes to give a tenth of their produce to the Levite tribe. Today's church, in comparison does nothing, except preach on Sunday what their predecessors preached. And is still pressing their members to tithe the full 10%. Also in comparison, the ratio of people-to-church-ministers today is more like 1,000 to 1, vs., the Jews was 11 to 1. About a 1,000 people per church on average, compared to 11 tribes to 1 tribe in the Jewish days. So a more fair tithing number today would be 0.01% of income, and this is more than enough for the inefficient preaching they do. Donate the rest of the 10% to charity.

Many Christians have no interest in reading the Bible; they just go to church and that's sufficient!

Here's the harsh reality of many people. If someone walks up to a person and says, "I'll give you $100 if you read this book". Not the Bible, just some book consisting of a thousand pages. Most will accept. You say, not me. You'd do it for $1,000? For $10,000? Example this internet ad pays people $200 to read a novel. The point is, most would do this for an amount of money, but don't have time to read the Bible. So many are not realizing the significance of this! The value of our relationship with God, which leads to eternal life, is priceless. How do we seek God? He is in the Bible.

God will not excuse you for not knowing to do the right thing to mature spiritually. Using the excuse of "the church did not teach us this" on judgement day, will not be accepted by God. The Bible teaches we are individually responsible for our spiritual decisions. Download any audio-enabled app to your device, and listen to the Bible always. It comes in many languages and versions. Then research difficult verses online. God will guide you to answers when you're truly seeking Him. And of course be careful with the fluff and misleading info on the internet.

I encourage you to get your Bible facts from the Bible, not from other books or movies about the Bible, and not from the contradicting church-denominations. They all have their agendas, modifying the scripture to fit their plan. All it takes is a small modification in a movie you watched, and you're going down a completely different path than God intended. Do your own Bible reading; get it from the source. This is how we seek God. If it makes you feel better, stay in the church at first, and supplement with your own bible reading at home.

Back in the early days of the Christian church, when literacy was very low, people had to rely on the church for their spiritual needs. But today we have all the resources in front of us. Literacy near 100%, social media, internet, etc.. All provide answers to our spiritual questions. All we have to do is read the Bible with our family and friends, and God will sure be in the midst and guide us. That was the original intention of the Jesus instruction in Matthew 18:20, "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them.” He did not want us to go off creating denominations, and wars between them "us and them..." People locked themselves down the wrong paths with earthly loyalties to churches. The sooner we go back to what God intended the better for all of us. Then true "peace on earth" will come.

Most people are too lazy to read the Bible. Of course they're willing to read whatever is needed to make a few Dollars. But read the Bible? "I don't have time..."  Some people read books daily, but not the Bible! Most think they're so smart they'll just watch a movie about the Bible and basically "get the gist of it". I personally avoid watching any movies or shows about the Bible to keep from poisoning what I learned from the Bible. We're human, our brains can get mixed up with the different information. My advice in today's world:  tithe 10% of your time by reading the Bible in that time. Trust me, God will love you much more for it:

Hosea 6:6

I don’t want your sacrifices - I want your love; I don’t want your offerings - I want you to know me.

Of Course Church Ministers & Theology Professors Don't Want You to Do This!

If you ask your church minister or priest, of course they'll be all against it! It'll put them out of business! They're not looking at it from God's perspective.


I looked at a seminary college website last week. I thought I'd send an email to a few theology professors about revisiting their teachings in light of what I have here. Here's what happened:

1. As I started looking around on that college website, I found hundreds and hundreds of theology professors. Each with a different focus: "spirituality", "business development", other focus-names I could not even understand, etc.. My goodness! All Jesus wanted was 2 or 3 gathering in His name. What is all this? Professors making high salaries off of the word of God, which is supposed to be free. And not even teaching students sound Bible doctrines. Robbing people both financially and spiritually.

2. I did send a few emails, but no replies. They ignored me completely. Maybe they don't want to admit that I know something they don't know? Or maybe they don't want to stoop down to my level? It is not a personal offense to me; you know me, I'm not much on recognition or taking credit. I treat this as an offense to God. My email was very friendly asking to take a look at some new truths from the Bible. 

Another guess why they behaved like this. If any of them agrees with my points, they'll be fired by their denomination! So basically it changes their way of life - High income, and respected by people etc.. Does this ring a bell? The Pharisees and teachers of the law all clashed with Jesus. And drove His crucifixion despite knowing He was the Messiah, mostly because He was a threat to their way of life!!! And here we are 2,000 years later. A new breed (or should I say "brood"?) of teachers of the law repeating history.

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