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Uncovers crucial new truths from the Bible, misunderstood for hundreds of years! Harsh realities that may upset many, revealed here, complete with supporting biblical references.

One difference between this site and other Bible sites is that there is no profiting of any kind from this website. And therefore you'll get the whole truth from the Bible no matter how harsh it may be at times, without concern of offending people. It is God's perspective presented as is. Other Bible sites are concerned about losing donations, and therefore soften God's message to make it more acceptable in today's culture.

For Christians and non-Christians seeking God, this website is strictly driven by Bible references. No new doctrine; no new theology. It is pointing to Bible references usually ignored by many, but are crucial for clarifying the truth. Please don't just skim it. Check these references for yourself. It could save your spiritual life!

This site is a Bible study-aid; to be used as a supplementing resource to Bible-reading. It is continuous work-in-progress. I will keep adding more truths as I study the Bible. It is not for discussion / Debate. It is not a forum. If you don't like the contents of this website you can simply leave (Matthew 10:14). 

No donation required. There are no ads, no membership fees, I'm not selling anything. It is solely dedicated to the Lord. If you like this message and feel compelled to donate, donate to charity; my favorites are:

 - Doctors without borders

 - International Children’s Fund

Look through the study points. Teach them to your family, and forward the link to others.

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This website presents true Christianity as meant to be, from God's perspective, not how people and churches evolved it to become. It is strictly from the Bible with proper explanations of misunderstood parts backed by Bible references. This website is not associated with any church denominations or political organizations. You'll find shocking misunderstood Bible truths in every one of the links below. 

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Matthew 7:13-4
"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it."